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Atlantic Highlands NJ. Fluke Fishing Charters

Started out from Atlantic Highlands 9/12 and headed out of Raritan Bay at 8 am for a full day Fluke trip with the Lepere party it started pretty slow with little to no drift in the morning caught a couple keeper Fluke and a short here and there. Finally a change of tide and a breeze and we picked up a decent drift. Ended up with 14 keeper Fluke to 6.4 pounds. Also had a Thresher Shark eat a Fluke on the way up and managed to wind it to the boat so everyone could get a good look! Slow start but a great ending. Great group thanks Mike!!!Fluke Fishing Trip

Sandy Hook NJ. Fluke Fishing

Sandy Hook NJ. Evening Striper Fishing Charters

9/1 Evening Striper with the Ferrentino group it's a little early yet in Raritan Bay but you can't catch'em if you don't try! Ended up with 3 shorts and 1 that went 32" nice going Danny!

Striper Fishing

Sandy Hook NJ. Striper Fishing

Sandy Hook NJ. Afternoon 1/2 Day Charter

Great trip! 9/1 half day almost our limit with 9 Fluke and 3 seabass one fluke was 7.8 lbs nice fish great job Scott! Constant action starting from the first drop lots of 16" to 17" inch fish to keep us plenty busy.

Fluke Fishing

Sandy Hook NJ. Fluke Fishing

Sandy Hook NJ. 3/4 Day Fluke Charter

Saturday started slow for us in Raritan Bay a lot of moving around tough finding a drift in the morning wind against the tide. Started in Ambrose channel and caught a handful of shorts and one keeper also some small Whiting. Moved in to Sandy Hook channel couple more shorts also slow. Ended up fishing around Roamer and was able to pick away at some nice fish up to 24" with a handful of short Fluke and Weakfish in the mix. Had to work hard for it but ended up with 8 nice keeper Fluke.

Sandy Hook NJ. Fluke Fishing

Sandy Hook NJ. Fluke Fishing Charters

Another great afternoon half day ended up with 11 keeper Fluke and one fish measured 29 1/2" and weighed 9.4 lbs nice fish! Fluke fishing remains very consistent just 10-15 minutes from Atlantic Highlands. With the water being so warm the deeper water in the channels of Raritan Bay seem to yield the most action and have been producing some quality fish.

Photo: Another double digit half day trip ended up with 11 keepers and one that went 29 1/2

Sandy Hook NJ. Fluke Fishing

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